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  • Bissell BG10 Upright Deep Cleaner
    Bissell BG10 Upright Deep Cleaner
  • Bissell BGC-1 Heavy-Duty Floor Machine
  • Bissell BGC-2 Heavy-Duty Floor Machine
  • Bissell BGDC-19 FMU 1500 Floor Machine
  • Bissell BGDC-21 FMU 1500 Floor Machine
  • Bissell BGH-15E Heavy-Duty Floor Machine
  • Bissell BGH-17E Heavy-Duty Floor Machine
  • Bissell BGH-19E Heavy-Duty Floor Machine
  • Bissell BGH-21E Heavy-Duty Floor Machine
  • Bissell BGTS-17 Heavy-Duty Floor Machine
  • Bissell BGTS-19 Heavy-Duty Floor Machine
  • Bissell BGTS-21 Heavy-Duty Floor Machine
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    Bissell Commercial Scrubbing Machine
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    Bissell Easy Motion Floor Scrubber No Tank
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    Bissell Easy Motion Floor Scrubber w Tank
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    Bissell Orbiter 13 inch Floor Machine
    Bissell Orbiter 13 inch Floor Machine. The Bissell Orbiter, single-disc machine, especially suites for cleaning and maintenance of all hard floorings like natural stone, vinyl tile, brick, concrete, and wooden flooring. With the optionally available scrubbing brush, the machine is the perfect machine for wet-cleaning of heavily polluted surfaces. The machine is the ideal machine for your professional rental business. Because of its orbital movement, the floor machine is easy to handle.
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    E-Z Way KV-2400 24 Inch Long String Applicator Pad is a long napped poly-blend pad made of cotton and polyester. Designed for use with E-Z Way Floor Applicator Models K-100 and K-450.
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    The E-Z Way KV-4400 24 Inch synthetic lambswool pad is designed to apply a water based gym finish. For use with all three models of the E-Z Way Floor Applicator machines.
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    The K-100 E-Z Way Floor Applicator is a significant time saver. One operator can easily do the job of three or more persons. The 2 ½ gallon tank is sufficient enough to apply wax up to 7500 square feet of floor surface (depending on heaviness of application).
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    The K-200 E-Z Way Floor Applicator is a significant time and money saver. A one-man operation can cover as much as 10,000 square feet in less than two hours. This is about the equivalent of 10 man hours of work spent with the traditional wood block applicator. Think of the money (and backache) saved in a year's time!
  • K-450 E-Z Way Floor Applicator. The K-450 Applicator is designed to apply finishes with 40-50 % solids. It has a double valved independent delivery system that applies the material directly to the floor and allows you to adjust the flow where you need it.

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