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Your vacuum cleaner has many moving parts and some of them need to be replaced frequently for maximum performance just like you change your oil in your car. One part in particular is a Vacuum Cleaner Belt. Vacuum cleaner belts help connect the motor to the brush rollers (and in some models, other purposes) that help clean your floors. After use, time, temperature / humidity changes, vacuum cleaner belts will begin to wear out and could possibly break. It is pretty frustrating when you have about half of your floors clean and your vacuum cleaner belt breaks! Our advice is to pick up a few extra vacuum cleaner belts and keep them on hand! They are inexpensive and it will help keep your vacuum running in maximum condition in addition to keeping your floors clean. If you are searching for a vacuum cleaner belt that you do not see on our website, please email us with your make / model of your vacuum cleaner and we will do our best to get it in stock immediately!! That is’s commitment to you!