Price Match Guarantee

Price Match Guarantee2018-04-19T01:23:54-07:00

We have instituted our Price Match Guarantee to insure that you know that we are doing everything humanly possible to keep our prices the lowest!

What is the Price Match Guarantee? 

It’s simple! promises that you’re getting the best pricing that we can offer. If you should find a better price online for the exact same product model number, including shipping, and handling charges, will match the price!

How do I submit a Request?

Email Customer Care by filling out the Customer Care Support Email Form. Your email must include the following in the comments section of the form for it to be considered:

  1. Order Number. 
  2. URL to the competitor’s product. 
  3. Date you saw the competitor’s product and price including product, shipping and any handling charges. 
  4. The amount of the refund you are requesting. reserves the right to not honor the Price Match Guarantee for any reason.


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