Bissell Beige Stone Care Pad 12 inch


Bissell Beige Stone Care Pad 12 inch

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Bissell Beige Stone Care Pad 12 inch

  • Fits Bissell Models BGORB13, BGEM8500, and BGEM9000
  • Also Fits Oreck Orbiter ORB550MC
  • Part # 437-058BG
  • This pad is only for use with Michelangelo’s Marble Restorer.
  • This is a different kind of pad than the others as it is a rubberized, dense pad with no abrasives.
  • It is designed to keep everything intact as it glides over the floor, in this case the Michelangelo’s Marble Restorer.
  • The restorer has micro-abrasives designed to polish marble, and this pad keeps the abrasives on the floor so they can do their job.
  • The other pads are designed to pick up dirt and particles.

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