Perfect P108 16 Inch HEPA Quiet Series

Perfect P108 16 Inch HEPA Quiet Series


Perfect P108 16 Inch HEPA Quiet Series

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Perfect P108 16 Inch HEPA Quiet Series

  • Commercial Upright Vacuum
  • Perfect P107 Quiet Series 12 Inch HEPA Commercial Upright Vacuum.
  • 16 Inch HEPA Commercial Upright With 50 Foot Heavy Duty 3-Wire Insulated Cord.
  • CRI Certified
  • True Ergonomic Handle
  • 50 ft. Insulated heavy duty 3-wire pliable cord
  • Heat overload protection system
  • Extra strength metal hood
  • Easy to turn 6-position carpet adjustment knob
  • Built In Super-Charged Perfect Super Magnet
  • 4 Bristle Aluminum Brush Roll for Rug & Floor
  • Extra strength metal bottom plate
  • Perfect see-thru fan chamber
  • Reinforced fan
  • Virtually Indestructible Base
  • Hardened Steel Handle Bail
  • Heavy Duty Metal Step-On Switch
  • Hardened Steel Large Area Foot Release Pedal
  • Largest Capacity HEPA H-10 Media Filter Bag
  • Built-In Super-Charged PERFECT Super Magnet (Patented) – NOW 3 TIMES MORE CHARGE
  • SMS Lined Zipper Cloth Bag

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Weight 18.5 lbs


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