Bissell 80 Grit Sandscreen 12 inch

Bissell 80 Grit Sandscreen 12 inch


Bissell 80 Grit Sandscreen 12 inch

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Bissell 80 Grit Sandscreen 12 inch

Sandscreen is sandpaper on a small grid-like sheet. The sandscreen attaches to the Orbiter by “velcro-ing” it to a brown pad. When a urethane coated floor gets scuffed, a new layer of urethane may need to be put down. The floor needs to be prepared first. Using a 60-grit screen, go over the floor quickly. You do not need to remove a lot of material. You should only remove a little of the coating. You should not sand down to the wood. Vacuum up all of the dust. Repeat with an 80-grit screen. Vacuum and damp mop up all dust. You may repeat this procedure with a 100-grit screen but in general it is not needed. This uniform scuff allows the new coating to adhere properly to the floor. Put down urethane coating following product instructions.

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